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Once you realise, there is literally no stopping you ;)

There are lots of fantastic offers here for you.


               3 for £32

Magical stories for managing difficult emotions. ( Using NLP linguistic structure, as learnt from Richard Bandler, this stories are intended to heal the mind and targetting young people).


These aren't just any old books, these containing magic language used in hypnosis and trance. The stories are aimed at building emotionally resilience in young people from 8 -  100 ( we all need help right?)

Through repeated reading aloud,  the listener will reap the benefits and heal or even change!

1 magical storybook is £12.99 or set of 3 for £32.00

( not including packing) contact Alison to order at [email protected]

  • Stories of the Moon -  A trance for dealing with grief and loss
  • Aldo, the Chef - breaking addiction to habits and positive thinking
  • Aldo and the Gremlin - managing negative emotions.


I support professionals in the workplace with neuro-diverse conditions such as dyslexia, adhd and autism. If you have any of these conditions then get in touch and I can advise you of the process to get support and succeed in the workplace.

The thing is, it doesn't matter what the issue is. I CAN help you.


your HAPPINESS AND guarantee you better results


BACK 07960026582

If you are a small business, a teacher, a creative or professional or individual needing to make positive changes towards a success and happy life, then you are making one of the most important calls ever.

Every week I receive calls from stressed out teachers, frustrated, stuck, business owners and individuals in emotional pain who want to quit the job or just stop the world spinning.

Many individuals are experiencing poor management, feelings of failure and bullying in the workplace.

They are the catalyst for change and you could be too.

**** Offer ****

2022 OFFER

4 sessions for the investment of 3.  Pay ahead for 4 sessions and get the initial assessments and session 1 FREE 


Re-designing your career and future

If you are in a transitional stage with your business or life or want to gain clarity and direction to excel in your existing career then let's begin

Coaching is the perfect way to accelerate you forward towards your dream.

  • I will hold you accountable.
  • I will support and motivate you.
  • I promise to be honest and open and I always come from the heart.

The only way to know for sure is to give it a go! Roll over and step up NOW!


Alison on

07960 026582

coach, neuro diversity, dyslexia, business, nlp, project manager.


This is a call out to all those SME's and micro businesses whose staff are doing the best they can.

What have you done lately to invest in your team?

Are you leading or dragging your team?

Do your staff respect or despise you?

Invest in a group coaching event and travel further in a day than you have in the last 3 years.

**Offers available now.*

coaching, leadership, business

contact Alison on

07960 026582

See the frequently asked questions for more information about coaching